Join the Launch

We encourage everyone who would like to show support for the global deployment of IPv6 to download and use the World IPv6 Launch badges.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are permanently deploying IPv6 are encouraged to register as World IPv6 Launch participants. Participating access networks around the world have enabled IPv6 by default for new subscribers and enough of their existing subscriber base so that 1% of the subscribers on their networks now use IPv6 to reach IPv6-enabled websites. “Enabled by default” means the service will not require any IPv6-specific configuration by an end-user in order for the ISP to be able to provide IPv6 Internet service to the home network (in addition to existing IPv4 service).

If you plan to do the same on your network please join the list of participating networks by using the form below to register.

Registrations now only open for Network Operators