Thousands of Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and Web companies around the world have come together to permanently enable the next generation of Internet Protocol (IPv6) for their products and services. While the number of IPv6-enabled websites, networks, and devices continues to grow, the links below show the organizations who successfully committed to participating in World IPv6 Launch as of 6 June 2012.

Website OperatorsNetwork OperatorsHome Router Vendors

Access networks around the world are enabling IPv6 by default for new subscribers by 6 June 2012. These operators are also enabling enough of their existing subscriber base so that 1% of the subscribers on their networks will be using IPv6 when they visit websites that have enabled IPv6. “Enabled by default” means the service will not require any IPv6-specific configuration by an end-user in order for the ISP to be able to provide IPv6 Internet service to the home network (in addition to existing IPv4 service).

If you plan to do the same on your network please join the list of participating networks. Note, that we are continuing to accept registrations for network operators through 7 December.

Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! plan to continue to measure IPv6 at ISPs. These websites will measure IPv6 visits to their websites on the 2nd Wednesday of August, September, October, November, and December, and will will report the results of these measurements on the measurements page.

OrganisationCountryIPv6 Pagev6 RankingDate Joined
ATTUnited States1IPv6 Page20116201216 Jan 2012
ComcastUnited States1IPv6 Page60116201216 Jan 2012
KDDIJapan030116201216 Jan 2012
InternodeAustralia1IPv6 Page190116201216 Jan 2012
Time Warner CableUnited States1IPv6 Page240116201216 Jan 2012
XS4ALLNetherlands1IPv6 Page130116201216 Jan 2012
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUnited States1IPv6 Page440117201217 Jan 2012
Marist CollegeUnited States1IPv6 Page2060117201217 Jan 2012
Louisiana Optical Network InitiativeUnited States1IPv6 Page1980117201217 Jan 2012
StarlinkRussian Federation1IPv6 Page270118201218 Jan 2012
Xfone 018Israel1IPv6 Page430118201218 Jan 2012
AAISPUnited Kingdom1IPv6 Page550118201218 Jan 2012
RCS & RDSRomania1IPv6 Page40118201218 Jan 2012
RedIRISSpain1IPv6 Page290118201218 Jan 2012
LITNETLithuania1IPv6 Page150118201218 Jan 2012
NFSI Telecom LdaPortugal1IPv6 Page2170118201218 Jan 2012
Opensvit - PEF Fenix VTUkraine1IPv6 Page2420119201219 Jan 2012
Hurricane ElectricUnited States1IPv6 Page520122201222 Jan 2012
Honesty Net Solutions (I) Pvt LtdIndia1IPv6 Page1710202201202 Feb 2012
ARNESSlovenia1IPv6 Page110126201226 Jan 2012
University of Wisconsin - MadisonUnited States1IPv6 Page510202201202 Feb 2012
FreeFrance010116201216 Jan 2012
FCCNPortugal1IPv6 Page120207201207 Feb 2012
OVHFrance1IPv6 Page300210201210 Feb 2012
FranTech SolutionsCanada1IPv6 Page480210201210 Feb 2012
DreamHostUnited States1IPv6 Page610213201213 Feb 2012
NautileNew Caledonia1IPv6 Page630214201214 Feb 2012
GARRItaly1IPv6 Page490214201214 Feb 2012
PoP-SP RNPBrazil1IPv6 Page580214201214 Feb 2012
ClaranetUnited Kingdom1IPv6 Page1200215201215 Feb 2012
Ponto de Presença da RNP na BahiaBrazil1IPv6 Page2600215201215 Feb 2012
UNESPBrazil1IPv6 Page390216201216 Feb 2012
TUBITAK ULAKBIM / ULAKNETTurkey1IPv6 Page280217201217 Feb 2012
PREGINETPhilippines1IPv6 Page2500219201219 Feb 2012
UniNetThailand1IPv6 Page70220201220 Feb 2012
Louisiana State UniversityUnited States1IPv6 Page380307201207 Mar 2012
The Kansas Research and Education NetworkUnited States1IPv6 Page3230308201208 Mar 2012
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeUnited States1IPv6 Page1700308201208 Mar 2012
BelnetBelgium1IPv6 Page420314201214 Mar 2012
RENATERFrance1IPv6 Page310319201219 Mar 2012
DegNet GmbHGermany1IPv6 Page470326201226 Mar 2012
University of PennsylvaniaUnited States1IPv6 Page250326201226 Mar 2012
Indiana UniversityUnited States1IPv6 Page160328201228 Mar 2012
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Germany1IPv6 Page530328201228 Mar 2012
University of IowaUnited States1IPv6 Page320403201203 Apr 2012
Verizon WirelessUnited States1IPv6 Page50531201231 May 2012
EPT LuxembourgLuxembourg1IPv6 Page200419201219 Apr 2012
CESCASpain1IPv6 Page1080425201225 Apr 2012 AGSwitzerland1IPv6 Page3670426201226 Apr 2012
NIIF/HungarnetHungary1IPv6 Page170501201201 May 2012
Bluesky CommunicationsAmerican Samoa1IPv6 Page980501201201 May 2012
Host Virtual, IncUnited States1IPv6 Page660503201203 May 2012
UNINETTNorway1IPv6 Page140507201207 May 2012
SwisscomSwitzerland1IPv6 Page210508201208 May 2012
JanetUnited Kingdom1IPv6 Page90509201209 May 2012
CESNETCzech Republic1IPv6 Page80515201215 May 2012
SuperCSIJapan1IPv6 Page330516201216 May 2012
National Technical University of AthensGreece1IPv6 Page460516201216 May 2012
Tulane UniversityUnited States1IPv6 Page3290518201218 May 2012
Leibniz Supercomputing CentreGermany1IPv6 Page230518201218 May 2012
Defense Research and Engineering NetworkUnited States1IPv6 Page560521201221 May 2012
Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet)Australia1IPv6 Page640521201221 May 2012
Greek Research & Technology NetworkGreece1IPv6 Page340522201222 May 2012
Greek Student NetworkGreece1IPv6 Page600523201223 May 2012
AMRES - Serbian National Research and Education NetworkSerbia1IPv6 Page700524201224 May 2012
guifi.netSpain1IPv6 Page590525201225 May 2012
CICA/Junta de AndalucíaSpain1IPv6 Page500528201228 May 2012
Storm InternetCanada1IPv6 Page650528201228 May 2012
HEAnetIreland1IPv6 Page620529201229 May 2012
FunetFinland1IPv6 Page400529201229 May 2012
Monash UniversityAustralia1IPv6 Page180530201230 May 2012
JARING Communications Sdn BhdMalaysia1IPv6 Page450530201230 May 2012
University of the Philippines DilimanPhilippines1IPv6 Page3390530201230 May 2012
Aristotle University of ThessalonikiGreece1IPv6 Page220530201230 May 2012
SURFnetNetherlands1IPv6 Page410531201231 May 2012
PT.MEDIA SARANA DATA(GMEDIA)Indonesia1IPv6 Page350604201204 Jun 2012