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2015 Wrapup – More than 1/3 US Mobile Traffic is #IPv6, and Still Growing

We’ve just published our final IPv6 Launch network operator measurement results update for 2015. What a remarkable year it has been for IPv6 deployment! We’ve seen new deployments from major operators all over the globe like Elion in Estonia, TELUS in Canada, GVT and Vivo in Brazil, KPN, University of Twente and Ziggo in the Netherlands, BSkyB in the UK, SKTelecom in South Korea, Comteco in Bolivia, and Mediacom, Centurylink and Premier Communications in the USA. Check out the earlier entries on this blog for all the highlights.

In 2015 we’ve also seen national IPv6 Launch events in Finland and Norway and major announcements from Apple relating to IPv6 requirements for iPhone Apps.

As a special year-end treat, and to highlight the enormous progress that IPv6 deployment has made in 2015, we’ve obtained aggregate data from our sources for the four major US mobile providers:

– Verizon Wireless (AS22394)
– T-Mobile USA (AS21928)
– Sprint Wireless (AS3651)
– AT&T Wireless (AS20057)

In aggregate, these providers now deliver 37.59% of their traffic over IPv6 to major IPv6-capable content providers. If 2015 has been a remarkable year, 2016 looks set to be the year that IPv6 becomes the dominant Internet Protocol for mobile networks in the US.

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