Up and to the right – 4 years of #IPv6 growth

It is four years since World IPv6 Launch got started and the progress we’ve seen in IPv6 deployment at all kinds of service providers around the globe has been remarkable.

Countries like Finland, The Netherlands, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, and the UK have all seen operators make substantial strides in IPv6 deployment showing the truly global nature of the effort.

Aggregate numbers are also impressive: The percentage of users accessing Google services over IPv6 exceeded 12% earlier this month (it was less than 1% four years ago). Similarly the percentage of the Alexa Top 1000 websites that are reachable using IPv6 is now close to 20%.

Some of the greatest IPv6 deployments are now in cellular networks and for a really valuable insight into some of the numbers and ways in which this specific piece of the deployment is happening you must read Erik Nygren’s recent post for Akamai.

Up and to the right: IPv6 growth since 2012

Up and to the right: IPv6 growth since 2012

Happy Launchiversary!

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